Curated Classes

Tailor-Made Cooking Classes: Your Gateway to Authentic Japanese Cuisine

Craving a deep dive into the rich culinary traditions of Japan?

Our tailor-made cooking classes are your gateway to mastering authentic Japanese dishes.

Whether you’re enchanted by the art of sushi, the crispy delight of tempura, or the simple warmth of tamagoyaki, we're here to guide you.

Share with us your culinary interests and dietary preferences, and we’ll design a personalized cooking experience that will resonate with your taste buds.

Plus, you’ll go home with cherished recipes to recreate the magic in your own kitchen.

Price: Starting at ¥16,000 for a 3-hour immersive experience.

Schedule: We’ll coordinate a time that works perfectly for you.

Case Study 1: Our Guest from Italy - Vegetarian

Request: Eager to learn the craft of sushi, tempura, and tamagoyaki.


  1. Vegetable Maki Sushi (Let’s start with the sushi rice preparation together)

  2. Vegetable Tempura

    • Kakiage (A medley of crispy vegetable tempura)

    • Savory Tempura Dipping Sauce

  3. Tamagoyaki (The comforting Japanese rolled omelette)

  4. Miso Soup

Time: 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM

You're more than a food enthusiast;

you're a global culinary explorer.

And we are your connection to the revered culinary traditions of Japan.

Dive into a personalized cooking class, crafted to your tastes, and emerge with authentic recipes and newly honed skills under the guidance of our seasoned chefs.

Our bespoke cooking classes are your passport to a savory exploration of Japanese cuisine.

Whether you're a vegetarian from Italy keen on mastering sushi and tempura, or have other delicious aspirations, we're here to celebrate and explore the diverse flavors of Japan together.

Embark on this savory adventure and broaden your culinary horizon with authentic Japanese dishes.

Your journey toward becoming a maestro of Japanese cuisine begins here.

Contact us to craft your unique culinary experience today!

Feel free to reach out and start your culinary adventure with us.