Osaka's Kitchen Friends Class

Dive into Japanese Cuisine: Cooking Classes in Osaka for International Residents

Are you an international resident in the bustling heart of Osaka, with a palate yearning to explore the authentic flavors of Japanese cuisine?

Previously, my cooking classes were a delightful rendezvous for travelers.

Now, I'm opening up a regular culinary adventure for those who've made Japan their home.

I seamlessly blend instruction in both English and Japanese, crafting a comfortable and engaging learning atmosphere.

Stay tuned as more savory details are on the way!

From the core of Osaka, I'm thrilled at the prospect of deepening your acquaintance with the rich tapestry of Japanese culinary traditions.

My classes are a gateway to not only mastering the art of Japanese cooking but also to fostering a community of like-minded food enthusiasts.

Feel at ease to drop us a line anytime; we're always here to answer your inquiries.

We’re simmering with excitement to embark on this gastronomic journey with you, bringing a dash of Japanese culinary heritage to the global table right here in Osaka!