Sushi & Miso Experience

  • sushi & miso authentic
  • Sushi plate with soy sauce and wasabi
  • Hands on experience

Cooking Experience

Osaka, Japan

Duration: 3 hours / Hosted in English and Japanese/
Cancellation flexibility/Free cancellation up to 24 hours before the start time.

What you'll do

In this hands-on class, you will master the art of making three types of sushi, each with its own unique characteristics and techniques:

1.Nigiri: This is the most iconic form of sushi, featuring a slice of fresh fish or seafood on top of a mound of vinegared rice.

I 'll guide you through the delicate process of shaping the rice and placing the topping, teaching you how to balance flavors and textures in each bite.

2.Hosomaki: These are thin sushi rolls, typically filled with just one ingredient. You'll learn how to evenly spread rice on the seaweed, place your filling, and roll it tightly using a bamboo mat. It's a test of precision and patience, but the result is a beautifully simple and delicious roll.

3. Futomaki: These are larger rolls filled with multiple ingredients, offering a variety of flavors in one bite. One of the key ingredients we'll be using is Tamagoyaki, a Japanese rolled omelette.

You'll get the chance to practice making this, learning how to create the layers and achieve the perfect texture. Each type of sushi offers a different experience and set of skills to master.

I'll guide you through each step, ensuring you understand the techniques and traditions behind these beloved Japanese dishes. But the culinary adventure doesn't end with sushi. I'll also guide you through the traditional process of making your own Miso soup from scratch.

4.Miso soup:You'll learn to shave Katsuobushi (dried bonito) from a block, a time-honored technique that enhances the soup's rich umami flavor.

Join me as we delve into the traditional techniques of Japanese cuisine.

5: Japanese roll eggs omelet for sushi : Dive into the art of making a Japanese egg roll omelet for sushi in our fun, interactive class!

You'll learn how to expertly mix and layer eggs using a traditional square pan.

Add layers at least three times to create the perfect, fluffy texture.

This technique is not only essential but also a lot of fun.

Join me to enhance your culinary skills and enjoy making a delicious tamagoyaki!

This is more than just a cooking class,

it's a cultural experience that will equip you with new culinary skills -

unforgettable memories, and the ability to recreate a taste of Japan wherever you are.

What's included


Lunch; Sushi Set Meal 


Japanese Green Tea & Water


We can meet at Higashi-Hanazono Station. 
And do a 15 minute light walk to our location where you will have a glimpse of local Higashi-Osaka community sights and surrounds.


All Cooking equipment will be prepared onsite. 
Please DM for any special request.

Dietary preferences/ Things to know

If requested, the Host can accommodate the dietary needs listed. You must let the Host know before the experience if you’d like an accommodation.

Peanut allergyDairy-free, Dairy-free

Guests ages 6 and up can attend, up to 4 guests total.

Parents can also bring children under 2 years of age.

Let me know of any allergies or dietary restrictions.

Where you'll be

This place located in Higashi - Osaka where takes for 30 minutes from Namba station and for 45 minutes from Umeda. 

In this area, there are authentic Japanese style houses and also you’ll feel the community of people live here that means you can experience authentic experience in Japan.

A cooking class with Yuki /Itinerary

10:00  meet up at Higashi- Osaka station & let's take a walk to our venue

10:15  I'll give you quick a house & garden tour

10:30 Let's start cooking

12:30 Let's have lunch together


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Whether you're a beginner or an experienced cook, my goal is to provide hands-on instruction, useful tips, and a fun atmosphere where you can enjoy the process of cooking and tasting your own creations at home. Reserve your spot now and get ready for an unforgettable cooking experience!